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How does meditation change your life? That’s a question I’m frequently asked by clients who are just starting a meditation practice. For them, the benefits of meditation go far beyond the alleviation of daily stress and tension. There are many things that you’ll find when you’re practicing this ancient form of meditation and here are some of the top ones. The benefits of meditation aren’t limited to how you feel on a day-to-day basis. For one thing, you’ll become more aware of how your body feels and why you’re feeling the way you do. As you meditate, you become more aware of how you react to things in your environment and to other people. As you continue meditating, you’ll become more mindful of these everyday happenings and be able to see how they affect your experience. This type of awareness can provide you with a tremendous amount of insight into what your true purpose is in life and can help you get rid of some of the pain and suffering you may be experiencing. The benefits of meditation don’t end there, however. When you meditate, you become more relaxed, which means you’ll have fewer panic attacks and you’ll sleep better at night. This is because when you’re more relaxed, you’re not thinking about how you feel so you’re more likely to fall asleep and sleep through the night. Meditating and being calm both directly affects how well you sleep at night. Many people ask the question: “What is mindfulness?” Mindfulness is the ability to quiet your mind to allow the brain to work at a deeper level. Mindfulness is extremely useful when it comes to dealing with difficult situations such as feeling anxious and depressed after an event has occurred or if you are having difficulties at work. Through mindfulness, you will be able to recognize the symptoms and signs of anxiety and depression before they lead to physical complications. How meditation can change your life and help us deal with difficult times is really astounding. The meditation not only reduces stress and anxiety, but it can also help lessen suffering. There are studies that show that meditation can help reduce pain and suffering of terminal cancer patients. They had to undergo eight weeks of mediation and breathing exercises, which lowered their discomfort and pain during the process. Of course, the eight weeks of treatment weren’t easy for the participants, but it is thought that the positive feelings experienced throughout the process helped them cope better than those who did not partake in meditation. Of course, many of us think of meditation as sitting still and focusing on your breathing or counting backwards while trying to focus on numbers. However, the ancient meditations did not use these types of methods; they used practices that have now been adopted by modern meditation centers. You can either start off meditating by doing it alone or with a friend, or you can get an instructor who will guide you through different types of meditations and introduce you to new types of techniques. Although many people find meditation very relaxing, there are those who meditate for the sole purpose of healing. Regardless of why you want to start meditating, whether for personal growth or to heal your body, the benefits that you experience during meditation cannot be ignored.

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