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Do you want to discover the best sex positions? You are not alone. We women are wowed when our partners are able to turn on us in the bedroom. The main thing is that both of you should be comfortable during your lovemaking session. Below are some easy sex positions for your wedding night.

This can be done before or after you get into bed with your partner. The man lies down on the bed or the couch and the woman sits on the edge of the bed or the couch. One of you should preferably lie on top of the other. You can make this a “one on one” position if the two of you are already aroused.

Then, you both put your legs between your legs and then spread your legs. It is important that you keep your soles of your feet flat on the bed. Then, you switch to a doggy style position. Again, one of you should be lying on top of the other. Now, you can continue to have sex with your other half in a doggy fashion until you both reach climax.

If you want to do variations of the previous position, then you can do variations of the “doggy style” position as well. All that you need to do is take two of your fingers and place them on your lover’s g-spot. You should now move your fingers inside her vagina while pressing on her clitoris at the same time. Keep doing this until she reaches an orgasm.

This is another great sex positions for your wedding. This is also ideal for those who don’t have the time to spend on foreplay. This can be performed right before you go to sleep or right after you wake up in the morning.

This is another position where you are lying down while your partner is standing in front of you. However, this time, you are going to lie on your back. Your partner will start by straddling your legs. Then, she will sit on your chest. As you keep your eyes shut tight, you should thrust your penis straight up into her vagina.

With the “doggy style” variation, you need to keep things in progress until your partner already orgasms. She will then straddle you as you thrust into her. As soon as you feel that you are about to come, you should stop stimulating her clitoris. Then, you should resume stimulation of her clitoris by penetrating her vagina gently. As soon as you are about to come, you should tell your partner to remove herself from your bed.

These sex positions are ideal to do right before going to sleep. They also help you a lot during the night because you can learn and practice them even before you have your partner in the bed. The positions can be performed as stand alone sex positions. You can also perform them together with your partner. But of course, you have to ensure that your partner is comfortable with this position first before going on to other positions. If your partner is not comfortable with the position, you should not force it on her and you should respect her decision.

Another type of this position is the doggy style where you lie back while your partner lies on top of you. Your legs are placed flat on the bed and your back is arched. With your legs placed flat on the bed, you are able to thrust your penis straight into your girl. While doing this, you have to make sure that your penis does not touch the wall of the bedroom. You should keep your penis inside her without coming out until she is aroused enough by your actions.

Another sex position is the catamaran where you and your partner are on the floor facing each other. Your bodies are positioned closer together. You can take one leg or both legs on each side of your partner. You should keep your pelvis against the bed and your thighs perpendicular to the floor. You should spread your legs and keep them flat against the floor. In this position, you can keep thrusting your penis into your girl until she is almost in the climax.

The last of the sex positions is the rear entry where you lie face up on the bed with your knees bent. The tip of your penis should be pointing towards your buttocks. You have to thrust your penis straight into her vagina until she is almost in the orgasmic zone.

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