What is the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

What is the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

What is the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is a major problem faced by many men today including the young, middle-aged and old. In the US, it is reported that about 30 million men have erectile dysfunction. Men with erectile dysfunction can experience various kinds of symptoms. The most common ones include reduced desire for sex, trouble in getting and keeping an erection.

Erectile dysfunction can also result from a series of factors like, emotional or relationship issues, health conditions, smoking, alcohol and drug use, medications among others. If the above symptoms are experienced for more than a few weeks and months, one can be diagnosed with ED after examination by a health professional. The good news about ED is that it can be treated.

Generally, there are various treatments for erectile dysfunction that can be administered in the event that you are diagnosed with the condition.

Below are some of the key treatments for ED;


Healthy Diet

Better sleep

ED Medications

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